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Sat, Jan. 10th, 2015, 01:46 am

Was reminded that I have not logged in for ages. Popping in to say hi and make sure my account stays active. I can't quite part with this little slice of internet. :)

Still working as a museum docent during the day and as a mental health therapist at night (and on Saturdays). Still looking for full-time work (I'm job hunting "part-time" so I find a good fit) but I'm managing with my temporary arrangement while I look. I'm poor as crap but the jobs are rewarding and the clinical job is a fantastic learning experience. Been there six and a half months now!

Remind me to post my latest Vegas vacation photos. FINALLY saw my first Cirque du Soleil show live! Saw "O" and Mystere. I loved both but "O" is really in a class by itself. I need to see that like four more times. It is an experience that can't be described.

Wed, Jun. 26th, 2013, 11:02 pm
Long time, no update

I sort of purposely stepped away from LJ. I even let my paid account lapse because it just wasn't worth keeping. It just wasn't fun anymore.

However, for those of you who I don't see on other social media outlets (although most of you are on my facebook or twitter) I figured I'd stop in to let you know I am still here and alive. :)

My god I haven't logged in or visited any of the comms here in months, I suppose. I haven't really missed it much, tbh. I'm hanging out on Twitter and Facebook and recently joined The Daft Club, which I am LOVING. I got tired of having no one to share my love of Daft Punk. With their AMAZING new album I needed some fans as crazy as I am to hang with, even though I kept saying that I'd basically sworn off all organized fandom, save for Star Trek. Even then I only go to Trek Movie now for that.

But the forum is a lot of fun and the people are very cool so I couldn't resist. I've been a long time casual Daft Punk fan since 1999-2000 but with Random Access Memories I've gone from casual to fervently devoted. I've had this thing on repeat since it came out in May and is THE best Daft Punk album out of all of them, IMO. I just love it.

Anyway, hope everyone is well. I am. I've been busy working 50 hour weeks for the last two months, volunteering at the clinic every other Monday, and attending professional development conferences and trainings. Very tired but fairly content. :)

I leave you with this.

Sat, Apr. 6th, 2013, 08:41 pm
DW yay!

I loved Doctor Who tonight! And yeah I cried my eyes out at the end. lol What is it about the second episode of every season (or half season) that makes me cry? New Earth, The Beast Below, The Rings of Akhaten... All ended with me sobbing my eyes out lol. That said, The Rings of Akhaten is far superior to the other two I mentioned. Wonderful story!

Tue, Apr. 2nd, 2013, 01:56 am
My thoughts on the unaired A Study In Pink pilot of Sherlock

Just finished watching the unaired pilot of Sherlock. My Sherlockian fan cred is finally completely legit. I can see why the BBC rejected the initial pilot. It's OK but it wouldn't keep an audience. The unaired pilot comes across as a pretty generic detective drama and Sherlock just seems like a particularly clever private eye and not the super sleuth who is demonstrably superior to the rest of we mere mortals. I wouldn't have bothered with a second episode if this is what had aired, truth be told. It was watchable but not remarkable.

It's strange because much of Sherlock's dialogue is still the same but comparing the unaired pilot versus the one that aired and you can see how tiny tweaks in the delivery of lines, facial expressions, body language- it was enough to give the character a totally different feel. The longer format also helped immensely. More time for John and Sherlock to interact with the other characters around them so you have a clearer idea of personalities and relationships. Sally was recast with very good results. The original actress was just missing something.

The 90 minute format also allows for a much more interesting and impressive mystery with multiple layers, meaning Sherlock's deductions look much more impressive and you really think, "Wow this guy is amazing!" Something that I didn't really feel in the unaired pilot. It was a stripped down mystery to fit within 60 minutes and not particularly engaging at all.

Also the costuming alterations and changes to the 221B set worked wonders. It's amazing the kind of difference that wardrobe and set dressing can make. And also hair. Sherlock's hair is a bit different and even that makes a notable difference to the overall presentation. Someone said he looks younger in the pilot. I disagree. I do think that in the unaired pilot his hair makes him look more average. That combined with the average jeans and average boots and more expressive personality just makes for a character that is, well, kind of average.

I actually think the final version of Sherlock that we have seems younger, tbh, and I prefer it. He's less mature while also being more cynical and that works better with how Martin Freeman plays John Watson- mature, serious, and snarky.

So, my final verdict: The unaired pilot of Sherlock is rather mediocre and thank goodness the BBC sent it back and made Moffat and Gatiss work on it some more! They struck gold with their second attempt!

Other stuff I didn't like: No Mycroft in the unaired pilot! No mention of Moriarty! Did I mention no Mycroft or Anthea? Lestrade had crappy lines! NO MYCROFT! Sherlock spent 15 minutes drugged and slurring and falling all over the room which was a bit not good and kind of awkward because it went on so damn long. And I'll stop now. (but honestly you don't understand how much I love Mycroft) /word vomit

Thu, Mar. 28th, 2013, 11:11 pm
12 Years A Slave to be released in December

Very eager to see this film. All star cast, including Benedict. They're all so good, I expect to be thoroughly wrecked emotionally by the end of it. I'll be disappointed if it's anything less.

Still no word on Only Lovers Left Alive. Every day I check The Ritz theater by my work where they show indie films to see if maybe it's come out and I missed it. Dying to see some new material from Hiddles. And Swinton!

Fri, Mar. 22nd, 2013, 07:15 pm
Happy Birthday to both William Shatner and James T. Kirk!

I should clarify that I mean Prime Universe James T. Kirk, as Abramsverse James T. Kirk was born slightly early, thanks to Nero. Fortunately there's only one Shatner so we can avoid confusion here.


Fri, Mar. 22nd, 2013, 02:31 am
LOL I think we've sunk our claws into him, just a bit.

Stop resisting, Benedict. You'll be a Trekkie in no time at all at this rate. looool

(also YAY for Sherlock hair!)

Holy shit, I am SUCH a stan.

Fri, Mar. 22nd, 2013, 01:46 am
STID Int'l trailer. Is it May yet?!

Lawd, Benedict...he is doing things to me. I feel awful because idgaf about anyone else in this movie at this point and ya'll know I'm the biggest Trekkie ever. I'm telling you now, Benedict will steal the show in Star Trek Into Darkness like Tom Hiddleston does in Thor. lol

Of course, the marketing department is helping that along by relying heavily on Benedict to market the film. Hey, it's working brilliantly. You gotta give them that. There is SO much positive buzz for this film and I have NEVER seen this much anticipation for a Star Trek film. Not even the 2009 film. STID is being treated like a true summer blockbuster that even "not we" are excited about seeing. The best part? We barely know jack shit about the plot or the major villain and nobody cares because it looks exciting.

Look, Star Trek in movie form isn't going to be the same as Star Trek in TV form. I'm not expecting it to be and I don't WANT it to be. It turns out badly. Like Insurrection. That would have made a great two-part TV episode. It make a terrible film. The franchise needs continued cinematic success if we want a show in the future. Even if we don't get a show in the future, we need continued cinematic success to keep things going and get more movies. We hardcore fans are not enough to fill the seats we need for this to happen. We've gotta attract new blood and I think JJ is doing a fabulous job with that.

Star Trek changes with the times. It always has and hopefully it always will. The franchise nearly sputtered out because it became stagnant and stopped being relevant and new and interesting. Now Star Trek is suddenly cool in a way it never was before and people are seeing the 2009 film, excited for this film, and many are going back and checking out the series as they slowly get drawn in.

And if we get a ton of Sherlockians and Cumberbitches who show up just to see Benedict, so fucking what? Who cares WHY they're there. The point is that they're at the movie, are hopefully enjoying it, and I bet you $10 that half of them will come out wanting more Trek and being interested enough to check out some other material in the franchise or stick around for the next film. How is that bad? It's like win-win for everyone.

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